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Porcelain, Ceramic Tile

All These Tiles Are AVAILABLE in our Showroom and can be delivered to you within a Week!

Porcelain, Ceramic Tile is a great choice for your bathroom, kitchen, dining, patio...

It doesn't absorb any liquids, doesn't change finishes, textures, structure and stays new for many years.

If you're not certain with your choice, please look through our collections and you'll definitely find what you are looking for a long time. 



We supply wood made by US manufacturers and from the lumber grown in the US!

The right wood would make a great floor!

Finished, Unfinished, Engineering, from 2.25" to 5", Oak, Hickory, Maple.

All options are available to suit your preferences, budget and location!


We suggest you 

consider our wallpapers instead of painting!

We have wallpapers for all your surface needs. From elegant to casual, to modern, to rustic.


Your imagination is your limit!

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