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ALL the must For your Home!

Our Showroom is located in Queens, in a convenient location with easy parking.

You can order either by calling or emailing us. The best way is to visit us in person to make the right choice for your taste and budget.

You can make research at home and be prepared.

For your convenience we grouped the most popular BRANDS below.

Furniture: Vanities, Medicine Cabinets, Mirrors, and more...


  • Toilets,

  • Bathtubs, Bases,

  • Pedestals, Sinks,

  • Heating, Ventilation,

  • Steam Generators,

  • Towel Warmers,

  • and more...

All kinds of Doors - Interior, Front Exterior, Shower  Glass Doors

Showering, Kitchen - Faucets, Trims, Appliances and Accessories