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Thanks to their lifetime of 15-20 years the Vinyl wallpapers are are a great choice for Walls! They don’t require specific care. You can simply wipe them with a damp cloth or napkin, and revive their color and beauty.


Vinyl wallpapers are beautiful, unpretentious and have excellent performance characteristics.

Wallpapers consist of several layers. One of them is flieselin, vinyl or paper, the other is a non-thick PVC layer. 

Other advantages of vinyl wallpapers include the following:

  • The surface trimmed with vinyl wallpaper looks spacious and with 3D effect, very nice and stylish.

  • With the help of vinyl wallpaper, you can hide various irregularities of the walls, such as dimples and cracks.

  • Wallpaper can even be glued on an unprepared surface, including chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, wood.

  • Finished surface is highly resistant to detergents.

  • If desired, wallpaper can be painted, even several times.

  • Wallpaper is very easy to set. Even a person who does not have any experience in this business will cope with this task.

  • Vinyl wallpapers are great for rooms with high humidity, even for bathrooms!

  • Today they are offered in a very wide range for any style and shape of the room.

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