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Miami CP

Solid Wood Core Slab, finished slab, frame and moldings. The Slab height is 78-3/4"

Slabs are available in different standard widths: 18", 24", 28", 30", 32", 36". Exact slab sizes varies depending on model, it can be 23-1/4" for 24" slab. 

All Doors have a standard 80" Height, some models have also 84", 96".

Assembled door requires opening +2" to the slab width and height.


Accordingly, minimum openings for 80" slab height: 

         20" x 82",  26" x 82",  30" x 82",  32" x 82",  34" x 82",  38" x 82"

Adjustable Frame Set for swing installation includes jambs, L-shape telescopic moldings, stoppers and insulating rubbers. Wall thickness from 3-1/2" and more.

The Possible installations are: French, Sliding, Pocket, Double, Frameless, Magic, Barn and others. Services are available, like pre-hung, lock holes, hidden hinges cut, magnetic locks cut, custom size, slab or casing only, and more.

Pre-hung Options for any Door! 

  • Hung on European 3D Invisible Hinges. Sleek Modern Look as Hinges are not Visible. Hinges are Adjustable and Easy to Rectify any Issues After Installation. 2 pcs per 80", 3 pcs per 84" and more. Black, White or Silver colors.

  • Hung on Ball bearing or Butterfly hinges is more budget friendly and comes in more colors - Gold (polished or brushed), Black, White, Silver (polished or brushed)

  • Standard American Locks Bore.  2-3/8" Bore Backset is Standard. 2-3/4" Bore Backset Upon Request.

  • European Magnetic Locks Bore with installed locks for Passage, Bath and Keyed lock functions. Modern look with soft lock feature. Choices of colors match the Invisible & regular hinges colors. Black, White or Silver colors.

  • FRAMELESS set comes with a metal frame and slab cut for invisible hinges and magnetic locks.The slab is aligned with front or back line of your wall and looks Fantastic!

Please, contact us for more information!

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