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Zephyr Brown

Brown & White

Two-colors Front door: White Inside! Weatherproof door with a reinforced steel door and frame. Extra durable paint, threshold, frosted glass. Optional sidelight & transom.

  • Zinc-galvanized steel.

  • Translucent frosted triple glass.

  • The reinforced stainless steel threshold.

Cold protection: a galvanized steel door frame with two thermal breaks gives the door high thermal insulation.

Hardware is included:

  • GEZE door closer on a sliding traction.

  • Exterior and interior railing type handle.

  • 3D-adjustable hinges (Germany).

Optional: Sidelights 12"W, Transoms 14"H x 38"W /50"W /62"W depending on configuration.

Inswing Right or Left direction.

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