Stile WH
White Enamel
Price: $

Available in 96" Height:

Yes (+$160)

Lacquered Enamel White, Solid wood finished Interior door with MDF Panels. 60 different designs are available, price VARIES! This Door is available in 84" and 96" Height!

Slabs are available in different standard widths: 18", 24", 28", 30", 32", 36". Exact slab sizes varies depending on model, it can be 23-1/4" for 24" slab. 

Assembled door requires opening +2" to the slab width and height.


Accordingly, minimum openings for standard sizes are: 

         20" x 82",  26" x 82",  30" x 82",  32" x 82",  34" x 82",  38" x 82"

All Doors are 79-80" Height, some models have also 84", 96".

The Door can be installed on walls 4-6" OR 6-8" thick. Adjustable Frame Set is included and consists of jambs, L-shape telescopic moldings, stoppers and insulating rubbers. 

Possible installations are: French, Sliding, Pocket, Double, Magic, Barn and others. Reversible hands and swings. Services are available, like pre-hung, lock holes, hidden hinges, magnetic locks, custom size, slab or casing only, and more.

Please, contact us for availability, services and other questions!